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Ramesh and Suresh

Ramesh runs his ancestral business of selling carpets, which is ran by his family for many generations. It took them more than a hundred years to build this business from scratch, now they are the best carpet sellers in the city. His friend Suresh learned the business from Ramesh and started the same in another city.

Suresh has achieved more annual volume of sales and earned more profit within 2 years of starting his business than Ramesh ever been able to achieve from his ancestral business that has been in the family for generations.



Since the day of launching, Suresh used modern day advertisement techniques to reach, attract and serve the customers all over the country. While focussing on quality of his products and flawless functioning of his supply chain, Suresh hired industry experts to help him promote his business in most effective manner.

Suresh is smart.

Be like Suresh



While you focus on your core business, we can take care of letting everyone know about it. We build result-oriented promotion strategies and continually refine your campaigns for the greatest outcome. We are full scale digital marketing and advertising company that offers wide array of services which can be blended in unique customised package suitable for your business needs.

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